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Expert Medical Guidance in the Heart of Switzerland
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Expert Medical Guidance in the Heart of Switzerland

Switzerland, renowned for its world-class medical care, attracts individuals globally seeking top-tier treatment. Navigating healthcare in a foreign country can be daunting, with challenges in understanding the local processes, culture, and language. This is where Swiss Health Navigator steps in—your trusted ally in transforming these challenges into a seamless healthcare journey.

A Family Venture with Global Impact

Founded in December 2023 by siblings Isse Ali Abdulle and Hawa Ali Abdulle, Swiss Health Navigator is more than a startup; it’s a family venture rooted in Swiss excellence. As natives who completed our higher education in Switzerland, we bring a blend of local expertise and global perspective. Hawa, with nearly a decade of experience in acute medical care in Lucerne, provides unparalleled medical guidance. Isse, with his IT prowess, ensures seamless administration and digital innovation.

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Service Packages

Swiss Health Navigator - A Future Focused on Yo

Package 1: Medical Consultation Coordination

Starts from CHF 650

Swiss Health Navigator - Complete Travel and Medical Arrangement

Package 2: Complete Travel and Medical Arrangement

Starts from CHF 1800

Swiss Health Navigator - Advanced In-Hospital Support

Package 3: Advanced In-Hospital Support

Starts from CHF 3050

Swiss Health Navigator - Ultimate Health and Leisure Package

Package 4: Ultimate Health and Leisure Package

Starts from CHF 3510

What Our Clients Say

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional care I received from Swiss Health Navigator. The team's commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services is truly commendable. From accurate diagnostics to personalized treatment plans, their expertise and dedication ensure a seamless and reassuring healthcare experience. I wholeheartedly trust Swiss Health Navigator for my well-being.

Sofia Smith


Swiss Health Navigator goes beyond just medical expertise – they embody true compassion in healthcare. The staff's warmth and genuine concern make every visit a positive experience. The personalized attention and support I received during my time with them were unparalleled. Choosing Swiss Health Navigator is choosing not just a healthcare provider, but a caring partner in your journey to wellness.

Laura Castro


Swiss Health Navigator is not only at the forefront of medical innovation but also actively contributes to community well-being. Their commitment to health awareness programs and preventive care initiatives demonstrates a genuine concern for the community's health. It's refreshing to see a healthcare company not only excel in individual care but also actively work towards creating a healthier society. I highly recommend Swiss Health Navigator for their innovative approach and community impact.

Amber Thomas